Chrysoprase Silver Necklace

Chrysoprase Silver Necklace

€ 250.00 EUR


If the Chrysoprase crystal has found its way into your life, take it as a sign that you're in need of an emotional makeover. Known for manifesting optimism, joy, and happiness, the Chrysoprase crystal stone is one of the best antidepressants in the world of crystal healing.

On the physical level Chrysoprase facilitates the healing of acne, allergy, nightmares, eye diseases (general), stomach ache, intestinal problems and  detoxification.

On the psychological level it soothes heartache and loneliness. It promotes emotional balance. Helps conflict resolution, inner peace, inner strength and courage in facing real emotions. Green chrysoprase helps you to open old emotional wounds, grief and trauma. This stone reduces fear and replaces it with unconditional love.

Astrological Sign of Libra.

Chain: 75 cm, 925 Sterling Silver

Setting: 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: 3 cm