Pure Gold: Pyrite "Planète"
Pure Gold: Pyrite "Planète"

Pure Gold: Pyrite "Planète"

€ 680.00 EUR


From the Planète series made from solid 18k gold containing a rough pyrite which boosts energy levels.
On the physical level Pyrite shields the body from environmental pollutants, as well as contagious diseases. It may be useful in fighting colds, flu and other viruses, skin diseases and fungal infections, and may be beneficial in treatments for highly infectious diseases. On the psychological level this is a stone to encourage you overcome feelings of inadequacy and live your life to its fullest potential. It will boost self worth of the individual and allow you to have the energy to take action.

Chain: 75 cm, natural kangaroo leather

Cage: 750 gold, 1,75 cm