Pink Dolomite Organic Brass Necklace

Pink Dolomite Organic Brass Necklace

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Dolomite is composed of copper iron sulphide and belongs to the carbonate group of minerals. This piece is a unique mix with Dolomite crystals growing on a limestone mix.

On the physical level it has been used to aid PMS, oxygenation of the lungs and cell structure, also to strengthen the bones, teeth and muscles.

On the psychological level it eases grief and brings optimism into our lives. It opens and activates the Heart Chakra and so is a wonderful crystal for bringing love into our lives and also nourishing and cherishing the love that we already have. Dolomite also eases sorrow and helps us see that everything happens for a reason.

Chain: 75 cm, brass

Setting: brass

Stone: 4 cm