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Happiness Organic Mineral Spray

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Labradorite Infused Face & Body Spray

A lesser known crystal, Labradorite is the „magic“ stone. It brings joy and change if it is needed, but not in a bad way. A lot of stories have been told where Labradorite changed people’s lives for the better unexpectedly. Geranium and Ylang Ylang are mixed with bergamot to achieve an energy boost and opening of the heart chakra.


THE NALLIK STUDIO mineraltherapy sprays contain high quality essential oils and hand-picked crystals in bottles of 100 ml which makes them perfect for on board luggage when travelling. They double act as a refreshing and nurturing mist as well as an aura spray.
The sprays are completely natural, vegan and alcohol free, each containing ingredients like distilled water, witch hazel, rose water and a few drops of organic argan oil. Their scents come from high quality geranium, bergamot, ylang ylang, basil, and lavender. Each of the sprays carry one or two stones which release their healing properties to the water molecules, making each spritz an act of healing (see water consciousness study Dr. Masaru Emoto).