Gold Scolecite Necklace

Gold Scolecite Necklace

€ 690.00 EUR

     CaAl2Si3O10 · 3H2O


This yellow-brownish Scolecite has been found in the Dolomites.

On the physical level is evening out the energy in your body and helps with strengthening the constitution and general fitness.

On the psychological level Scolecite gently awakens the higher mind, helping us to gain a deeper understanding of our soul’s journey. It’s serene energy supports meditation, enhances the dream state. The easy energy that pulses from Scolecite is known for the sweet satisfaction that it brings to the spirit. The peaceful and calming energies of this stone help to soothe the mind and bring about spiritual transformation. It can be used to bring people in groups together by fostering tolerance and understanding.

Astrological Sign of Capricorn.

Chain: 45 cm, 333 gold

Setting: 750 (18K) gold, stamped

Stone: 1,5 cm