Scapolite Dioptase Gold 18 Karat Necklace Healing Stones

Dioptase & Scapolite Gold Necklace


Living in the moment is the energy of this gemstone. "Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a vision, but Today is real" (from "Love is in the Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals").

On the psychological level it promotes prosperity on all levels and is very beneficial in eliminating perceived “lack”, showing abundance and richness of each moment instead. It brings invigoration and a refreshing energy to the wearer.

On the physical level Dioptase can ease migraines and headaches, addictions, high blood pressure, heart and liver issues as well as pain and fatigue.

Astrological Signs of Sagittarius & Scorpio.

     CaAl2Si3O10 · 3H2O


A problem-solving gemstone, Scapolite will help you get rid of unnecessary thoughts and worries, raising your vibrations and your focus quickly.

Scapolite can support you rise above your challenges and not be fazed by them. It will strengthen your understanding of yourself so that you will not misuse your own personal power.

Astrological Sign of Capricorn.

Chain: 60 cm, 9 ct gold

Setting: 750 Gold (18 ct)

Stones, each: 1,5 cm

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