Blue Tourmaline Organic Brass Necklace

Blue Tourmaline Organic Brass Necklace

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Na(Li,Al)3 Al6 (BO3)3 Si6O18 (OH)4

Blue Tourmaline, also known as Indigolite belongs to the group of Tourmaline that is Elbaite. This one is a delicate color between blue and green, looking like the sea.

Indigolite helps regulating the body's water balance and is good for the kidneys and bladder.

Blue Tourmaline resolves grief and blocked emotions, bringing relief and lightness. It increases the ability for clear and honest communication, because it encourages an open mind. It lends the courage to speak from the heart.

Chain: 50 cm, vermeil

Setting: brass

Stone: 1,5 cm