Chrome Diopside Organic Brass Necklace

Chrome Diopside Organic Brass Necklace

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CaMg (Fe,Cr)Si2O6

Said to hold the mysteries of the Universe, Chrome Diopside has strong abilities in connecting with the Earth and a beautiful deep forest green color.

On the psychological level it has, due to the origin of its name, earned a reputation for being a visualization stone, which is thought to increase creative vision, as well as awareness. It will inspire you to be more receptive to see all the blessings and talents in your world. With its supportive energy it gently pushes you to take action when the situation calls for it and it will give you courage to stand up for what you believe in.
On the physical level it has been known to heal the heart, circulation, brings vitality, lungs, muscle aches, kidneys, and spasms.

Chain: 75 cm, brass

Setting: Brass

Stone: 3 cm

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