What NALLIK really means

Before I founded NALLIK over 7 years ago, I was struggling to find the right name for my brand. I was always drawn to the Inuit, their way of living full circle with the environment, only taking what they need and using all of it instead of throwing away. Being respectful in taking and giving.

After some research I found the word NALLIK as one of many words they have for "love". This "love" is meant to be the motherly, nurturing kind.

It struck to me immediately and I knew I wanted to have this around for a long time coming.

Now, in research for a new NALLIK project, I found this wonderful quote by Jean L. Briggs, an anthropologist who lived with the Inuit for a while, studying their life, to which I have nothing to add.

In a text named "Living Dangerously" she says:

"The Inuit concept of nallik- (or naklik), which can be glossed, roughly, as 'nurturant affection', is a core value in Inuit culture. (...)

Nallik- behaviour is, theoretically, antithetical to any form of aggression. Physical attack, verbal unkindness or criticism, even unexpressed hostile thoughts are opposed to nallik-. Consequently, nallik- behaviour defines a good person."


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  • Sibylle Ullrich

    Eine Philosophie des Friedens, verbunden mit wunderschönen Schmuckstücken.

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