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I love NALLIK! Of course. It is the brand I founded in 2010 and poured myself into since then. I had felt for a longer time I had to change the form of it, make it more intimate and at the same time create space.

Over the years the brand and demand grew constantly. Even so much that we sometimes couldn't respond to every wholesale request which is actually a nice problem to have you would think.

Not for me. I finally decided to take some time off and give the most precious present to myself: travel and time for contemplation. Daily workload had taken up so much off my time lately that I never really had any for what I love most: meandering without any goal or deadline, touching stones, scribbling, letting my mind wander, photographing, being in nature for a longer time than a few hours. Recharging and connecting to nature to be capable of tuning into the flow of creating something valuable.

Having lived in California over 15 years ago I always love to return. I rented a Dodge Sierra minivan that had been remodeled into a camper and went off to live in it for six weeks. The desert had cast a spell over me before and it was fantastic to be on the road and explore the western landscapes of the US. 

From looking for and finding opals in Tepoca to hiking into the Grand Canyon and camping by myself down at the Colorado River, surrounded by billion old rock formations, it was more than I hoped for, magical.

On this blog you will find stories of that trip as it was the recent one as well as other adventures I want to share with you.

NALLIK has now turned into ATELIER NALLIK, which means I will work on editions mostly. Say I have four tanzanites from Mexico, I will then set and make an edition of four and stamp them with No.1, No.2 etc. When they are sold out, they are sold out.

The focus will be on 750 gold but some will be set in silver and brass.

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