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Spring is here!

                                                 Finally the temperatures are moderate and the sun is coming out, birds are chirping.... le printemps! I was in Cape Town recently and although I have been to South Africa a couple of times before and was fascinated with the African Continent as long as I can remember, I never thought it was the right time yet for me to fully explore into other countries than South Africa. I mostly travel alone and although Africa has a vast variety of stones and in combination with the amazing landscape and wilderness is absolutely captivating, I always had the highest respect of traveling through the continent by myself as a woman in a car or...

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Going on XMAS break from 21.12. - 26.12.

Hello friends, we can only process orders made until 21.12., 09.00 in the morning. We will ship those on 21.12., 11.00 to make sure they will reach you in time for christmas within Germany. Please note: Overseas orders will not reach you in time for xmas if you order now. Europe orders have to be made until Friday, 16.12. to ensure xmas delivery. FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!

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