New Moon Solar Eclipse (+ Mercury Retrograde + the last days of Saturn Retrograde ...)

Hello, ATELIER NALLIK customers and friends,

I lately have had many conversations with people from different paths of life about what the heck is going on. Communication mishaps, the feeling of being in a waiting game somehow, of "not yet" there. In a crazy sort of flux, or more so: just after a wildwater rafting gone wrong, stucking your head out of the kajak, realizing you have made it through but what now, the paddles are gone. You are safe somehow but also you are at the mercy on what is around the next corner: could be anything.

This eclipse has often be described as a tipping point, a powerful energy game changer. The retrogrades don't make it easier and nervousness can build up quite heavily. Just temporarily, it is getting much better from the end of August (Saturn turns direct) and the beginning of September (Mercury turns direct).

But for now we are still dealing with stuff. Usually I am, though sensitive to Full Moons and Eclipses, doing my daily routine in spite of it. But since tomorrow (August 21) is the big day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, I have used this weekend to shut myself in, work with stones, read magazines and books. Quiet things to prepare mentally.

Today I went to a lake outside of Berlin and swam all the way through it, twice, to get rid of the nervousness. I ended up mumbling "let go, let go" like a crazy person as those words just came up and since no one was in the water with me - who cares... whatever works.

I hoped to be not misunderstood by the universe and drown by a cramp in my leg though, so I was happy when I reached the beach safely again.

But to surround myself as much as I could with nature by being in the water, only the clouds in sight, was the right strategy: I came home physically exhausted but mentally quiet.

Everything is intertwined isn't it. We know that.

The peace we get from being in nature, be it the desert that I believe has the strongest energy impact or the ocean or the forest, can also be found in the NALLIK stones. Touching it absently while you talk to someone, playing with it, is a way to connect yourself to that place deep inside of yourself that is the same as nature's essence. Be it you are sitting in a loud coffee place in the city or you are in an neverending meeting, your heartbeat repeats itself and resonates with the energy of the piece you are wearing.

Two of the best stones for letting go and acceptance are in my opinion Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz. I would add Rose Quartz too, not quite as a "letting goer" but an immense help with self acceptance and love. But most importantly it is always the stone you feel most drawn to: intuition is much more important than the intellect.

This photo below is of my van in the desert where I went stone hunting last year and have felt quiet and blissful through the dry, hot and dusty world around me.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!


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