Made in the Alps

Made in the Alps

Information on materials used

Sustainability is a big factor here: for the gold necklace settings only recycled 14k gold is used that is bought in the famous luxury jewellery quarter Hatton Gardens in London. The chains are made of 9k gold as their coloring is beautiful in a desaturated way and not too yellow.

The silver is always 925 Sterling silver.

Sometimes the term gold-filled (known mainly in the US) or vermeil (known mainly in Europe) is used in the product descriptions: this is the case with chains made from 925 Sterling silver and a 22k gold coating, usually being rolled on 3 times for a high quality durability. These chains in 45 cm / 20 inch are used for the smaller brass pieces. The longer ones are made from brass and have been purchased for The Nallik Studio already for 10 years in New York, this is our signature chain. It gives a more relaxed look.

Anything can be sourced however, so if you need a 14k or 18k gold chain for instance, it is possible to get this for you.